Minecraft oAuth

An aristois service

A free to use, public Minecraft oAuth solution for everyone.
Secure login without requiring user credentials.

There are two ways to get a login token:

Minecraft server auth

To get a login token, join auth.aristois.net with Minecraft. You will be kicked with a 6-digit code, which can be used to log in.

Microsoft oAuth

Authenticate with your Microsoft account tied to your Minecraft account.

Microsoft login

API Usage

GET /token/{id} – Resolves and invalidates token, and returns the following:

Parameter Description
status Validity of the requested token
message User-friendly response message
username Minecraft in-game username
uuid Minecraft user UUID, with dashes

TypeScript code example

interface oAuthResponse {

    status: string;
    message: string;
    username?: string;
    uuid?: string;

async function resolve(token: string) {
    const response = await fetch(`https://auth.aristois.net/token/${token}`);
    if (response.ok) {
        const data = await response.json();
        return data as oAuthResponse;
    throw new Error(response.statusText);